dart flutter中函数参数(_)

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问题1:I'm learning Dart and see the following idiom a lot:

someFuture.then((_) => someFunc());

I have also seen code like:

someOtherFuture.then(() => someOtherFunc());

Is there a functional difference between these two examples? A.k.a., What does passing _ as a parameter to a Dart function do?

This is particularly confusing given Dart's use of _ as a prefix for declaring private functions.

It's a variable named _ typically because you plan to not use it and throw it away. For example you can use the name x or foo instead. The difference between (_) and () is simple in that one function takes an argument and the other doesn't. 

 问题2:So, the function being called expects a parameter, and the code is passing junk (an unassigned variable)? Why not use null, for clarity? Just to save typing? And, won't the function be a little surprised when it tries to use the unassigned, untyped variable? Or, am I missing something?

It's not passing junk, it's just not being used. 2) null is a keyword and can't be used as a variable name. 3) Yes, It saves typing and also gives a low profile look. 4) No, _ is an assigned variable. No surprises here.